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Aphrodisiac Vegetables To Stimulate Your Taste Senses

Artichokes: Katherine De Medici was considered scandalous by the French court for eating large quantities of artichokes. Her husband, Henry, didn't seem to mind. The simple act of stripping an artichoke of its leaves, dipping them into butter and scrapping off the tender flesh with your teeth is a very sensual experience. Simply cut off the artichoke's thorny tips, snap off the tough leaves, slice off the stem and rub with lemon juice. Steam until tender, about 30-60 minutes. Try dipping artichokes into curried mayonnaise, lemon or herb butter or vinaigrette.

Asparagus: Perhaps the most erotic member of the vegetable kingdom. In nineteenth century France bridegrooms were required to eat several courses consisting of asparagus, asparagus and more asparagus because of its reputed powers to arouse. The best way to eat this member of the lily family is steamed or boiled and dressed with butter, olive oil or Hollandaise sauce.

Carrots: This popular root vegetable, with its phallic shape and sweet flavor, was used to seduce lovers by Middle Eastern royalty. Our question is: "Why does royalty needed to depend on carrots?"

Celery: Good old Apium graveolens has quite the reputation. The Swedish cookbook author, C.E. Hagdahl wrote: "Celery is suspected to be somewhat sexually exciting or even straightforward arousing." Forget those phenol sprays that are supposed to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Celery contains androsterone, a powerful male hormone that researchers believe is released through sweat and attracts females. This is a great way to get your recommended daily allowance of greens boys! Cucumbers It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize why these cool vegetables are considered to be an aphrodisiac. The Chicago Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that women become aroused by the scent of cucumbers.

Garlic:If you are a young man in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria) one of your uncles will tell you to eat or swallow whole a raw garlic clove every morning to maintain your sexual overdrive all your life. Garlic is antibiotic and certainly preserves the organic health of the body. I'm not sure it is an aphrodisiac but I've never heard of an Arab who didn't claim he could please four wives and I don't know of anyone else who would try this so we may never know.

Onions: Onions, a common ingredient in almost all cuisines, have been used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac. Onions are recommended in both ancient Hindu and Arabic texts on the art of making love. In France, newlyweds were served onion soup the day after their wedding to restore sexual vigor, and Egyptian priests abstained from onions because of their lusty reputation.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are reputed to expand your ability to give and receive love. In late 16th century Europe sweet potato tarts were recommended to increase sexual desire.

Tomatoes: Known as love-apples by the French, the humble tomato may have been the real culprit that got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden. Fresh, ripe tomatoes, locally grown and eaten in season are a very seductive food. Try them with a little fresh mozzarella cheese and some basil. Tomatoes are rich in the phytochemical lycopene which can help prevent prostate cancer.

Zucchini: The phallic shape says it all.

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