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Aphrodisiacs for the Sense of Sound Music

Music is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. It creates the most various spirit states starting from the most pleasant ones to the most disturbing and "hard" ones. Music can transmit all the possible state including powerful erotic messages expressed with more or less discretion. Besides this, music is able to transport us on her subtle wings, in paradisiacal worlds. In this way it refines and universalises our love emotions. Some very erotic tunes have very suggestive rhythms, like heartbeat for example (Ravel's Bolero); others use a crescendo similar to the sexual excitation or to the orgasm.

Have in mind to let you totally leaded by the music chords; let you fly where the music wants to drive you… By experiencing very intensely the music chords, by letting the ineffable harmony of music to flood us, we can feel how our mood changes according to the music.

When you are making love, don't ever use rock music, heavy music or jazz - no one of these will be able to generate that pleasant atmosphere of intimacy you want to. Use rather blues, inspired electronic music, harmonious symphonic music. The effects will be really miraculously. However, no matter what kind of music you prefer it is recommended to also take into account the wishes and the preferences of your lover if you want that she (he) also feels close to you.

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