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Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac

A Pot Pourri of Fact or Fiction?

Is it or isn't it? The facts and theories as to the efficacy of chocolate's magical love powers.

Ellen's favorite food in the entire universe and one of the best known and best loved aphrodisiacs. Chocolate contains over 400 different chemicals including caffeine (see java) and phenylethylamine (PEA), a brain chemical that some scientists believe arouses the same feelings that we experience when we are in love. The Aztecs were the first chocoholics. They ground cocoa beans added spices and drank the bitter brew without sugar. Legend has it that Montezuma drank 50 cups of cocoa before entering his harem of several hundred women. In the mid 17th century chocolate developed a reputation as an aphrodisiac among chic Brits.

It has a history as the Aztec viagra where a horrid-tasting beverage by the name of chocolate was discovered by Cortez and brought back to Spain.,

Survey results have shown from from the Annals of Improbable Research the results of a poll on chocolate's efficacy. 54.83% of the males responding said yes, and 50% of the females said yes. On the other hand, a solid 5% of the respondents were concerned with how the chocolate was administered (internally or externally).

Medical findings on chocolate's love potency have asked what makes a muddy-brown colored confection a magical love elixir? Medical experts suggest its all chemical. A "love chemical," in fact, called phenylethylamine which is normally present in the brain.

Chocolate Sex by A. Richard Barber is a little book with a big idea: expanding on the subject of chocolate as an aphrodisiac. To give you an example from the table of contents: "First Chocolate" (Chocolate Foreplay); "Freud and Chocolate" (Chocolate Dependency); "Lust" (Simultaneous Chocolate); "Perversions" (Chocolate and Bondage). Can you ask for more?

Chocolate Love Paint where some people like to paint the town red, some lovers prefer to paint it chocolate. With a new kit, containing chocolate body paint (or frosting as they call it), you can do both. The manufacturer even supplies the paint brushes.

Loving Foods: "Dr. Jeff" offers Funky Fudge and Ritual Chocolate, the latter handmade with Bulgarian tribulus, muira puama root and schizandra berries--whatever they are. He promises the R.C. will bring love and lust to life.

XOCHATL: A Recipe for the Original Aztec Viagra® An original, Guide-tested recipe recreating the 16th century beverage used by King Montezuma and served to Cortez (who gagged on it). It tastes like swill when itís cold, even worse when itís warm. Montezumaís harem swore by it. But if it works.....

Latin, French and American Love Potions: South Americans of old had a novel way of utilizing cocoa. The French improved upon it. Now, the Americans have a delicious new way to make chocolate work its magic on your partner.

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