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About Ginkgo: The Wonder Aphrodisiac

The Ginkgo tree is the world's oldest known living species. It has survived over 200 million years and has been valued for its beneficial properties for at least 2000 years. Ginko is also known for its tonic effects for sexual potency.

Ginkgo has been known to increase blood flow throughout the body, especially in the brain. It may also increase penile blood flow resulting in better erections.

Ginkgo biloba is the last surviving member of a lineage that originated in the late Paleozoic and became quite diverse during the Mesozoic. The living plant has distinctive, fan-shaped leaves, produced in clusters at the ends of short, lateral shoots, and it is very easy to recognize. Although probably extinct in the wild, the plant was domesticated thousands of years ago in China. The tree is wisely planted throughout temperate regions of the world and is particularly resistant to disease, insect predation and air pollution.

For these reasons, it is commonly used as a street tree and there are numerous examples on the campus, including many young trees recently planted at the northern end of Farm Lane. Female trees (the sexes are separate) produce what looks like a berry, but it is actually a false fruit. The ovules are produced in pairs, unprotected, on the ends of elongate stalks. Pollination is via the wind and, as the ovule develops, a ring of tissue at its base begins to divide, producing a fleshy tissue that eventually encloses the developing seed. When these fall to the ground and decay, they produce a strong odor as a result of the presence of butyric acid. For this reason, landscape architects prefer to use male trees for decorative plantings.

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