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Aphrodisiacs From Animal Parts To Stimulate Your Taste Senses

Bone Soup:If any Egyptians are reading this now they are stunned to see their folk secret revealed here in English for the first time. It was not easy wresting this secret from them but here it is. To increase a man's sexual performance make a soup from the leg bone of a (humanely, "Halal" slaughtered according to Islam is preferred) cow or sheep. Include fresh onions, garlic, thyme, cayenne and greens. Stew for at least two hours. Effects upon men are immediate and long lasting. Take once a week for sustained, super human benefits.

Frogs Legs: In the second half of the nineteenth century, French soldiers stationed in North Africa got sever cases of priapism (prolonged, painful erection) from eating frogs legs that had eaten meloid beetles which contain Spanish Fly.

Endangered Species:There is an alarming decline in the populations of endangered species around the world. The decimation of some species, such as tigers and rhinos, has been linked to the continuing popularity of centuries-old sexual and other medicinal folk remedies in Asian cultures.

In Chinese Traditional Medicine, animal parts - known in East Asia as pu foods - are reputed to endow a man with the potency of the animal itself, or with the potency implied by the shape of the appendage. Traditional Chinese medicine uses these animal derivatives to prepare medications in two forms - as individually prepared prescriptions and as over-the-counter packaged medicines. Most of the latter medicines are manufactured in China and are sold in markets worldwide. However, it is important to emphasize that 95% of traditional medicines are made with herbs and contain no animal parts whatsoever.

We do not promote the use of wild and endangered species for use as aphrodisiacs. People should use only products from animals that are farmed in a sustainable and managed way, fully recognising the welfare of the animal concerned.

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