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Plant Food and Eating

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There is an old saying that sustains: "If you want to know how somebody is during the lovemaking, watch him closely when and how he is eating". Those who are in a hurry or eat noisily, getting their hands and even face dirty, these ones are usually persons who almost don't care at all about the other. If we watch closely the way our lover eats and if we analogically associate it with the way he acts during the sexual intercourse, we will come aware of the fact that the above saying is perfectly justified.

Moreover, it has been noticed that a human being who falls in love and treats his or her lover carefully, in most cases he or she spontaneously changes the way he/she used to eat. The act of eating is as important for the perpetuation of the species as the act of reproduction.

They are in a strong correlation and each of them produces a certain type of pleasure. But the human being, being endowed with creative intelligence, did not resume only to eating and perpetuating the human species, but raised on the scare of evolution and turned these two vital acts into real rituals, although overdoing sometimes, the same human being came to turn them into the main aims in life. Of course, unfortunately, we can't always turn our lunch into a ritual.

Sometimes each of us eats a sandwich while waiting for the bus, but even then we must be glad and completely aware of our gestures, making them carefully, for this is valid even for the moments when we make love in the elevator. Out of each occasion to eat, we can "extract" maximum of pleasure, fully enjoying this conscious act, which thus helps us recover our vitality.

Also, it is not an accident at all that both language for food and love are full of French words. As it is known the French consider the both of them an occasion to celebrate, these actions implying in their case a "staging" full of sensorial pleasures. If we are healthy the physical act of eating is extremely pleasant: at that moment the lips and the tongue are fully stimulated, as well as the smell and the taste. It is the same as in the case of a wonderful love fusion; we could experience different sensations regarding the way we kiss our lover and what part of his/her body we kiss.

Dining with somebody most often produces a real visual, gustative and tactile pleasure. The great joy of a dinner may be surpassed only by the delight of the lovemaking. And everyone may guess, unless he or she experienced it, the unforgettable pleasure of making love after a romantic dinner - which went on just like a ritual, on a beautiful place in front of a cafe, under the stars of the sky on a summer evening.

Every time you have this opportunity you would let such occurrences repeat. An important thing is to not eat too much and fast, because these might have some consequences on the pleasure of making love; or that the effects of the love fusion might be very much diminished, all our attention will be somehow concentrated upon the digestion, blurring the plenary state that is felt after a sexual intercourse

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