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Aphrodisiac Recipes To Stimulate Your Senses

Can food really be an aphrodisiac? Yes, indeed! Just read what Encyclopedia Britannica has to say on this subject:

... the psychophysiological reaction that a well-prepared meal can have upon the human organism. The combination of various sensuous reactions - the visual satisfaction of the sight of appetizing food, the olfactory stimulation of their pleasing smells and the tactile gratification afforded the oral mechanism by rich, savoury dishes - tend to bring on a state of general euphoria conducive to sexual expression.

A few basic rules have to be followed. Firstly, the final preparation of a dish should only take a few minutes. Secondly, it should be satisfying without being heavy. Thirdly, it should incorporate at least one constituent with a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Fourthly, it should give the impression of being more expensive than it really is. And, finally, the taste should be DELICIOUS and DIFFERENT.


  • Love snails, a combination of two great French inventions: l'amour and l'escargot
  • Poached eggs with truffles, a dish to wet your amorous appetite


  • Fennel soup, a treat for lovers
  • Pine nut soup, a rich and tasty soup, the lover's delight
  • Shrimp soup, small shrimps swimming in a soup that will seduce any adult person

Fish and shellfish

  • Basic aphrodisiac mussels, the starting point for series of seducing mussel dishes
  • Diet mussel soup, rich in taste but low in calories and easily digested
  • Mussel pasta sauce, will make your fresh linguini a gourmets dream
  • Mussel risotto, a light meal to put you in the mood
  • Mussels with roasted pine nuts and garlic
  • Mussel soup, smooth, seducing and spicy
  • Mussels for gourmets on a diet, spiced with garlic and saffron
  • Pine nut and shrimp paste
  • Scallops in saffron
  • Skate wings, served with nutbrown butter
  • Trout mousse for spoon-feeding your lover

Sauces and condiments

  • Amorous pesto, a feta cheese based dip sauce to drive you into the bedroom
  • Spicy onion paste, a lover's condiment which will give any dish an erotic touch


  • Candied violets, a sweet snack made out of flowers

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