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Your Sense of Sight as an Aphrodisiac

Watching ourselves by making a sexy video. Taking a good look at ourselves on film can be surprisingly revealing.


Psychologists use the word narcissism to describe the love we have for our own appearance. Some people can't resist looking in every mirror or shop window they pass. Sometimes this is because they are so sure they look wonderful but for others exactly the opposite applies. They are constantly worried about their unattractiveness and seek almost constant assurance to the contrary. Again this applies to sexy video making. For the persons who are pleased with their looks and sexuality, a video provides a record that they can cherish and replay in those moments when their confidence is not so high. For the non confidents, it offers an opportunity to assess what their good qualities really are and, if they are honest and flexible, what they might change.


It is possible to learn quite a lot from watching your own sexy video. Perhaps you take the lead to much; you may think you look a lot sexier than you thought you did; and so on. All of this is useful to the couple that want to grow and change together. But when we make a sexy video we do not just act out our real selves, we also act out a part. This can mean that things are enhanced in various ways, from the careful application of the make-up to doing things that we normally wouldn't do. A video can portray a sexier than normal self to the camera and this can be a real morale booster, both at the time and later. But for most couples who make a sexy video the best part is being able to watch one another in a way that is impossible when actually making love, even with mirrors.


The starting point, as in real filmmaking, is to familiarise yourself with the equipment. Don't try to film yourselves first time round but practise on the kids in the local park or whatever interests you. Then try a test session in which you experiment with various techniques; learn to cope with the lighting, work out ways of fixing the camera so that both of you can at least be in some shots, and so on. Don't worry about wasting tape because it is possible to record straight over what you've already shot. Finally, spend time practising moving the camera. Most amateurs move the camera too much, too fast and too often. Holding a shot for longer is usually better, especially if you are going to edit a variety of shots together later on. Erotic material should be filmed slowly, revealing your lover's body in the most teasing way possible.


When you have mastered the equipment, the next stage is to carefully plan what the movie will be about. Decide on a story line and create something that is of erotic interest to both of you. Plan it out, scene by scene, ensuring that the story has a beginning, middle and an end. Start off with a simple story. Don't try to mimic TV on your first effort or you will be so anxious about being a good film producer that you'll miss out on the fun. Make sure you both have a say in building up the story line together.


Choosing the location is the next step. Obviously this will dictate what your story can be about but don't make it too complicated - concentrate on the erotic action rather than on lavish settings. Choose the parts of your house or garden that look best; do some test shots and think how you might shoot certain scenes. Be creative about where you put the camera; stand on a chair, lie on the floor and point it upwards, shoot through a window or open door to frame the shot, and so on. As you progress you'll get the feel of it and begin to make some interesting effects that are a pleasure to look at as well as being erotic. A poor quality, visually boring blue film can end up destroying any original eroticism.


Next, work through your storyline and see what props and clothes you'll need. Choosing the right clothes can be a whole session in itself, which may well lead to lovemaking. There are numerous possibilities for women so choose what you feel comfortable in. Get out all the props you'll need for your story - massage oil, sex toys, fruits, furs and so on. On the day of the shooting take your clothes off at least an hour in advance. This ensures that your tight-fitting clothes don't leave marks on your body. There's nothing very erotic about rings from tights around a woman's tummy or jeans' creases around a man's waist. Body oils can be effective if you're tanned but make-up should be used sparingly unless you're trying to create a special effect.


However well you have prepared things certain problems will always arise and you'll have to make the best of what happens. Often the impromptu events can turn out to be the hits of the film. Keep the script handy and generally stick to it although feel free to take a new turn if something seems fun and looks good. Slavishly following the script can lose much of the erotism that would be normal between you. After all, you're only trying to make an erotic movie that will please you and become part of your lovemaking in the future. Things that are very good to be registered are: the woman stripping, she stripping him and of course any kind of lovemaking once you get to that stage. Slowly zoom in on the breasts, bottom or genitals in a tantalising way, concentrating on the best things last of all. When it comes to both of you being in the action together you'll have to set up the camera and then the director will have to walk into the shot. Most people don't have editing facilities but if you do, this can make the whole thing look much more professional because you can choose the shots and edit them together in an erotic way. Make a date to look through the material you have shot and then choose how you will assemble it to the best effect.


When the movie is finished, plan a date for both of you to hold a premiere. Have a meal together to relax you both and then, in the living room or the bedroom, show the final film. Most couples want to act out some of the key scenes from the film as the temperature rises through the evening. Watching the film can be the subject of the next movie!

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