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Aphrodisiac Herbs To Stimulate Your Taste Senses

Basil: This flavorful herb is used in Voodoo love ceremonies in Haiti. When it comes to aphrodisiacs, C is probably the sexiest letter of the alphabet so get ready for some fun.

Cardamom: According to traditional Indian herbal medicine, a nightcap of powdered cardamom that has been boiled with milk and mixed with honey can help cure impotence and premature ejaculation. They've got it covered coming and going!

Damiana: Ah! A subtle one is the damiana! Traditionally a woman's aphrodisiac, she will rock your inhibitions and fears loose inside before you notice your tea is gone. She will not overwhelm you and make her your slave like the yohimbe but rather offer you the gift of unlocking your own fire. You can follow her or not, as you choose.

Dandelion:The colonists learned this one no doubt from the Native Americans who shared their knowledge of herbs and how to keep from starving to death with them. Makes for a nice meaning for Thanksgiving. I always think it is a day to give thanks for the gifts of the Native American. They taught European Americans how to say "#^(% you!" to unjust authority and hence founded this nation. If you think that mentality came from English or German people, go to England or Germany and see. See Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in a Frontier Exchange Economy. The Appalachian herbal tradition is a fusion of old European (cheifly Scotch and Irish--Celts are wild creatures who married and exchanged freely with the natives) and Native American herbalism. See Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World. All parts of this plant were used. It's vitamin A content is chiefly responsible for waking the desire.

Fennel: The Greeks and Hindus considered fennel to be a potent sexual stimulant. A Hindu formula for sexual vigor includes: fennel juice, honey, ghee (clarified butter), sugar and licorice. In the Mediterranean fennel soup is thought to increase sexual desire.

Savory is called the herb of happiness, especially for men.

Yohimbe: This is indeed the magical potion of pleasure. It will increase blood flow everywhere, so watch the amount you take and watch your heart. You will sweat and shiver with desire but start with 1/2 tsp. of the powdered herb made into a tea NO MORE. Everyone is different so you can build from there IF you can handle it. You've got to give it a good three hours the first time to see how he likes you (the Yohimbe). If not, you are asking for trouble with nothing sexy about it like a heart attack and vomiting. Yohimbe is more a man's herb by African tradition but I can tell you as a female that the yohimbe loves the women very much and is kinder to them in terms of side effects with all the heart pounding in tact.

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