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Style: The New Aphrodisiac for Men

The first time I met my boyfriend we were in a crowded bar in Sag Harbor. He looked like every other guy there - tan, bored, in a tee shirt and jeans, looking around for something or someone interesting. I left soon after my friend and I pretended not to be able to hear a thing he and his friend said over the screaming band. The next time we met was a different story. I was in the middle of a crowded train station trying to make my way to the ticket booth, when a totally hot guy looking a bit like a devilish banker made his way towards me. I have to say there's power in pinstripes. I imagined a day of fast-talking, wheeling and dealing, and swaggering bravado. It was the sexiest thought I'd had in a while.

To a woman, a man in a suit is a power player. It's in the quiet strength of your broad shoulders, and it's modestly hidden in the crispness of your tie. Even if you're on your way to a minimum wage job in the mailroom, wearing a suit makes a woman think you're older, wiser, and know enough to dress for the success you hope to have someday. You've suddenly gone from the over-zealous guy who wants to buy us a drink and see how far he can get, to being a guy with the smarts, the know-how and the drive to make anything happen. I guarantee wearing a suit gets you noticed by a woman. Clean lines and a distinguished, put-together look draws our attention, shows us you care about details, and that you've learned to command respect.

What Suits You

Start with the basics. Buy one black suit to jump-start your wardrobe, and then follow up with a charcoal gray or navy. Think of these as the three staple colors in your wardrobe, especially if you're buying simply for work wear. These colors are inter-changeable, and the accessories and shoes you buy for one will work well with the others. Keep in mind that with suits, and just about any basic (pants, jeans and some less obvious shirts), you can get away with repeating what you wear twice in the same week. The only rule is to be sure to rotate. That cute girl in accounting won't realize you're wearing the same black suit on Thursday that you wore on Monday, but she might notice you're wearing the same suit two days in a row, even if you change your tie. Keep your suits in great shape by always hanging them on hangers. Hangers retain the shape in the shoulders, give the fabric a chance to air out, and allow gravity to get rid of the wrinkles. You should also have your suits dry cleaned regularly, to keep them fresh, and so as not to wear them out in spots from constant use.

Get yourself a wide array of shirts and ties.

Invest in at least enough shirts to get you through the week without repeating - start with white, blue, gray, and please don't be afraid of color. I'm not suggesting you fill your closet with a rainbow of colors, but do buy at least one or two shirts in colors outside your standard fare. Colors make your whole look "pop," and you'll seem more style savvy if you've embraced some of today's hottest colors, such as pink, coral, and purple. Try shirts with patterns, stripes, checks or gingham for a more diverse and funky look. Keep in mind that dark and bright colors make you appear larger, and pale and dull colors make you seem smaller. Ties are another opportunity to add color to your wardrobe. They're your chance to have a little fun with your choices. You can choose from a multitude of colors, designs, and textures. Choose a tie that plays off the color of your eyes. Pick one with an interesting pattern or design. Think of your tie as the principal accessory of your whole outfit. It's hanging straight down the middle of your chest and just begs to be seen. Especially if you work in a conservative and straight-laced environment, your tie is your license to be a little wild, to show off your flare for the dramatic, so don't be afraid to mix it up with striking colors and patterns.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance.

A man in a suit should be well shaven to complete his look. Take the extra time in the morning to get a close shave and don't forget to rid yourself of the blood-clotting bits of toilet paper before leaving the house. One oft-neglected spot is the back of the neck. Nothing creeps me out more than a man with hair growing from his head down to his back. Buy yourself some clippers and put them to good use between haircuts. Women are also always looking to your hands for clues about how well you take care of yourself. Make sure your fingernails are clean and short. And remember, cologne should only be apparent when standing next to you, not from across the room.

Suit of Armor

Looking smart and put-together is half the battle. The other half lies in getting past hello so we'll know whether your seemingly smart exterior is for real or not. More goes into making a man sexy then just his donning a suit. In case you made it this far without anyone telling you - chivalry makes a man sexy. Contrary to what we might grumble under our breath, none of us women really believe it's dead. Make her night by opening the door for her, pulling out her chair, and asking if she wants dessert. Because while suits get our attention, what matters most is the way in which you carry yourself, the way you let us know you're watching from across the room, and the way your self-assured, bold nature shines through any situation - and any outfit you put together.

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