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The Traditional Aphrodisiac for Your Sense of Smell

Perfume, a compulsory partner. To smell good is a matter of elegance and refinement. But not only that. Traditionally perfume was looked at as a magical love potion. From the very beginning the inspiration for the creation of perfume was the relationship, the desire, the passion between a man and a woman. It is an inexhaustible subject: the woman's power of seduction, the ladies' lust, the private, intimate, voluptuous zones on a shy virgin, the suave, fresh and swishing touch of the satin underwear, the warm and savage smells of sex, the tenderness and lasciviousness of a romantic night and so much more.


You have certainly asked yourself if there is an ideal perfume for each of us, a perfume that could answer all our needs: to cheer us up, to make us feel good about ourselves, to unveil our personality, our sensuality and especially to have a "devastating" sexual impact upon our life partner. There is no such perfume.

You can say that perfume is "alive". It "lives" and "evolves" in relation to your skin pH, to the mood of the person who wears it, to the environment. It is possible to skip from exuberance to seriousness, from shyness to coquetry, from laughter to crying and there is no doubt that the smell of perfume changes. Anything can influence the aroma of your perfume: hormones, illness, emotions, warmth or cold, even nourishment.

One of the moments when perfume changes its smell is when you make love. It becomes a lot stronger, sensuous, an astounding and passionate cocktail. As a result it is very important to choose your perfume in relation to what it is that you want or you imagine it to express. It should be an ideal extension of your personality and also of your mood.

Yet there are some rules concerning the composition of perfume and the moment of a day when it should be worn. In the morning and at noon use green, floral perfumes, fresh and light. In the afternoon use fruit, floral, a little ambered perfumes. For evening choose oriental, "heavy", complicated perfumes, with a big quantity of amber and musk...


It is best to buy a perfume in the morning, when your senses are a lot shaper. In order to have a lot of choice, it is preferable to go to a specialized store.

Don't wear any perfume.

Don't let yourself be fooled by the latest fashion and do not smell perfumes from pieces of carton; the smell is deformed.

Don't try more than three perfumes.

Get out of the store, come back in 30 minutes and apply one of the previous three perfumes on your wrist; not on your neck or behind ears; if you don't like it you will have to withstand it for the rest of the day

Don't buy it the same day; try it for several days.

One more piece of advice: don't try perfumes after you've eaten, during menstruation or when you are stressed.


In love there are a few steps to cover and you can discover a number of stages in discovering a perfume, stages embodied by the already known smell pyramid.

First notes - first date In love: you look at him, he looks at you. You make acquaintance, talk about unimportant things but your heart is pounding. A short first date. Perfume: you open up the bottle and smell the first, primary, fresh scents. But they disappear after a few minutes.

Heart notes - falling in love. In love your heart is pounding, you can't wait to get his call and savoir the pleasure of seeing him again. You fall in love. Perfume: your heart gives a note of originality to your perfume. Compounds of flowers, fruits and spices, those are the ones who make you fall in love with your perfume.

Base notes - irreversible love In love: you already know each other and live your romance passionately. Your love becomes stronger every day. Perfume: 20 minutes after you smelled the aroma of your heart beats, the base notes become obvious.


You are walking along Champ Elysees (Guerlain), intoxicated by the summer perfume (Parfum d'ete - Kenzo). A beautiful evening (Beautiful - Estee Lauder), filled with desires (Wish - Lancaster), enlightened by the fire (Feu - Issey Miyake) of true love (True Love - Elizabeth Arden). An angel (Angel - T. Mugler) shows to you for a second and tells you to enjoy the pleasures (Pleasures - Estee Lauder) of love, the freedom of passion (Freedom - Tommy Hilfinger), the beauty of life (Good Life - Davidoff). You swear to each other eternal love (Eternity - Calvin Klein) by the Tour Eiffel and enjoy the mystery of a romantic evening (Duende - J. del Pozo).

Late at night you retreat into your love temple (Shalimar - Guerlain), a paradise that belongs only to you (Eden - Chacharel) and make love (Obsession - Calvin Klein) till dawn. You open your eyes it was only a dream, but IT, the seduction potion is exactly where it should be, on the night stand and waits for you to make your dream come true. It's not magic (Magie Noire - Lancome), it is your senses alchemy (Alchimie - Rochas), your body's, soul's and love's greatest splendor (Tresor - Lancome) - it is your perfume.


On your neck - it is a place with strong sanguine throbs; that's why it is by far the most adequate place. Two drops of your favourite perfume are more than enough to make you feel good and especially to seduce your man. A perfumed neck is a statement, a challenge, a non-alcoholic intoxication, sexual magnetism, innocence, intimacy, and the fire of lust. It presents and also represents you to the others exactly the way you want to be seen: sensual, feminine, optimistic, brilliant or cheerful.

On the nape of your neck - it is an erogenous zone "dedicated" to men who really know the art of seduction. A few drops of perfume, applied exactly at the roots of your hair can have the same result as dozens of minutes of prelude. One single movement of your head, one small gesture of coquetry and an instinctual outburst of his senses is highly possible.

Behind your ears - perfume applied behind your ears is not an unnecessary gesture of coquetry but a necessity. This zone is also highly vascularized and it intensifies your perfume's sensuality. Plus this place is so intimate, especially made for tender kisses after telling you how much he wants you.

Between your breasts - the fire of passion is burning and you have to know how to amplify it. A cocktail: mystery, hypnosis, aroma and touching. These are the ingredients that assure the prelude of a passionate night together. This zone is so voluptuous and velvety, hidden to the eye and yet felt under your underwear by his hungry look. It is the secret of total seduction if you apply here a couple of drops of your favourite perfume just before the date.

Your wrist - the perfume is subtle and delicate like a breeze. The quantity should be almost not noticeable. A single motion of your hand is an exciting provocation, a caress of his smelling sense. The heat of your skin will emphasize its vibrant, exotic notes, inviting him to kiss your palms, to touch you, to "taste" the velvet of your wrist skin.

Behind your knees - lust, fireworks, love, sex…the most appropriate moments for him to make a delicious discovery (with magical effects for you as well as for him): the portion behind your knees. Not even the most sophisticated pleasures can't be compared to a simple kiss on this part of your body. And if it smells like perfume the magic ritual of love can go on and on.

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