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Sensual Touches "There is an important temple in the universe and this is the human body. Nothing is more complex and more saint then this divine form. We reach, without knowing, the heaven and the divine happiness when we touch with our hands the lover's body" Thomas Carlyle The erotic touch and massage are a vivid expression of the sensuality. Neither special talent and skilful knowledge about the human anatomy are absolutely necessary, nor complicated techniques are compulsory.

Often, just a few simple elements are sufficiently: a peaceful and warm place - where we create a pleasant, intimate atmosphere and a small bottle of natural essential oil. And in this way we can offer a more refined pleasure to our lover. By sensual, full of love and gentleness movements you could caress the entire body of your lover, slowly massaging it. Depending on the inspirations, you could alternate the total contact of the palms with slow and exciting touches of the fingertips. You don't need an entire human anatomy course to let your hands sensually slipping on the lover's naked body and to caress it in a transfiguring way.

The sensual massage art comes from ancient times and it springs from people's aspiration of offering more pleasure, love, happiness, tenderness and affection to their lovers. Depending on the warmness and the gentleness of your touch, you can transmit to your lover, in an ineffable way, all your affection felt in those moments for him (her). We have in mind to offer this feeling to her (him) in this delicious state and this situation could be something very new for both of us. The unforgettable, subtle and full of effervescence intimacy will then enormously help us to enrich our love relation with unknown, sublime dimensions, enriching it by the freshness, spontaneity and love that come from our natural and simple gestures.

Such moments are always welcome because their purpose is not only the preparing of our intercourse but its enrichment with refinement, subtle sensuality and with the intimacy of our gestures and attitudes. It isn't absolutely necessary to be involved in a sexual relationship with that one you touch with affection. Sometimes the shaking hands with a colleague that you simply admire could make you experience all the emotions scale of a virtual lovemaking. The massages can be different each time depending on your feeling for the human being that you are caressing.

We experience in a total different way the massage when we massage our friend, our parents or our colleagues. Since the most ancient times, the massage was used also therapeutically.


As a simple and practical exercise that stimulates the imagination and make us be more aware of the erotic force of the hands, we can do such a massage having in mind to offer pleasure to our lover by using only the hands, as they would be sexual organs.


Even the Bible speaks about various rituals of oiling with natural oils. The old Jews used often vegetables oils for warm the skin of those having to be blessed. In this sense, for appreciable increasing of the massage effect, we can use any kind of natural oil with the exception of the peanuts oil or corn oil. For example the coconut oil give off an extraordinary pleasant aroma, easily transporting us in an exotic imaginary landscape.

It is also important that the oil applied on the skin do not be cold. For this reason it is very useful to easily warm it beforehand. But don't exaggerate, because the oils are heating very quickly and by an adequate warming they also can modify both the color and the consistency and the smell (some oils are loosing totally their aroma and pleasant smell if they are too much warmed). In case that we don't have perfumed oils we can add some drops of natural essences of perfume or even the fresh lemon juice in the basic oil.


First oil all the naked body to create in this way that delicious state of new and clean and then let your lover to feel the oils' aroma and to enter in the sublime state that is specific to that smell. After that, drop oil in the palm and then sensually spread it all over the body by ample circular movements. We will notice then that the skin of the human body is different from place to place, some parts are more dry, others wetter. The driest parts needs more oil and a more powerful massage of the respective zone.The surplus of oil will be wiped with a very soft towel.


Focusing your attention on your lover's reacts you will feel more easily how she (he) feels the echoes of our caresses. In this way we can find out what she (he) likes most and it is also very useful to encourage him (her) to point always what he (she) likes most in the way we massage and caress him (her). In such moments we can show to the others what we like most.

It is obviously that we insist with the touches in a zone that is very erogenous for us. At his (her) turn, the other will show us (by groaning softly and by being melt of pleasure, or even by saying: "Ah, how much I like this") what arouse him (her).

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