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Alcohol: An Aphrodisiac for the Senses

Alcohol Edward FitzGerald knew what he was talking about when he said: "A jug of wine a loaf of bread and thou." People have been using alcohol to stimulate the libido for centuries. But while a moderate amount of alcohol will reduce anxiety and release inhibitions one glass too many is more likely to put you asleep than put you in the mood.

Beer Perhaps one of the strangest aphrodisiac stories comes from a woman who called our show and said that she was turned on by the smell of stale Miller beer on her husband's breath. We're not sure about Miller beer, which is a type of lager, but in some countries stout is considered to be an aphrodisiac. For those of you looking to combine aphrodisiacs Murphy's, an Irish brewer, is reportedly making a stout which contains oyster extract. It better work because oyster flavored stout doesn't sound like the next taste sensation of our generation.

Champagne Bubbly is lovely and makes any time of the day or night special. The bubbles actually help the alcohol get into the blood stream a little quicker so you get a buzz on toute suite. You don't have to spend big bucks to enjoy a little bubbly. We've tasted Crystal champagne and don't think it's worth $150 that is charged for a bottle. We like Möet White Star a bargain at around $23/bottle. If that's too steep try Korbel, an American made sparkling wine. Most guests won't know the difference.

Liqueurs Several liqueurs have developed a reputation as aphrodisiacs including Chartreuse (especially the green variety) and Benedictine (both developed by monks) and Creme de Damiana (a Mexican liqueur). Who's next for a belly button shot?

Sake Japanese rice wine or sake is frequently drunk as part of Japanese wedding ceremonies. In the orient rice is a symbol of fertility.

Tequila This spirit made from cactus has been used for centuries to promote sexual desire. Or at least break down inhibitions. Remember that party in your sophomore year? No? That's Tequila at work.

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