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Sport and Speed

Aphrodisiacs of the Mind

If you're the typical, red-blooded, middle-aged American male with the usual imbalance of too little common sense and too much testosterone, you probably enjoy driving entirely too fast. Roaring, rumbling speed is a simple aphrodisiac and an antidote to the mundane workaday world. Your fantasies revolve not around alluring nymphomanics riding horseback but muscle-bound red cars whining with redlined horsepower. You may be wildly successful at whatever it is you do. And what you do may be what you've always dreamed of doing. But let's face it: you would rather be a race-car driver. It's more fun than anything else in the world.

Tough Workouts as an Aprhodisiac

99% Mental

I've often said that superpotency is 99% between your ears and 1% between your legs. In addition to good physical health, a sound bodybuilding program and a good diet, virility requires sound mental health.

Do we need to design minibarbells to develop virility? Not at all. Remember, sexual intercourse is a great form of exercise for the whole body, and no weight training is necessary. Vigorous sex will increase the volume of oxygen taken into your lungs, quicken your heart rate and raise your effective circulating blood volume, all of which benefit your general health.

Sex can also help you moderate potentially dangerous habits. When you are sexually satisfied, you feel so good about yourself that you're less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol or junk food. Finally, sex is a great antidote for stress.

If you're feeling anxious or worried, if you need to get your mind off things and work off some tension, consider spending an enchanted evening. Just as specific exercises are available to help you improve in a sport, there are ways to improve your virility by strengthening the muscles used during sex.

Potency Diet

Don't gum up the works with saturated fats and cholesterol. If you've ever made love when you feel bloated or constipated, you know how much better you function when your digestive system is not overtaxed.

Wining and dining can be romantic, but the romance withers if you overdo either one: Too much alcohol (or any intoxicant) might increase your desire, but will surely diminish your ability; too much dining and you'll feel sluggish, heavy and tired.

Another advantage to a lifestyle punctuated by prudent exercise and wise eating habits is weight control. It's a lot easier to operate smoothly and vigorously in bed if you're not carrying a 20-pound belt of blubber.

Sex Exercises

One suggestion is to do exercises that use the same basic motion -- pushing and pulling with the upper arms and chest muscles. To the extent that you often support your upper body with your arms while having sex, this conditioning will help prevent fatigue. Squats, knee bends or other exercises for the upper legs will also indirectly help, since those muscles help support you during vigorous sex.

Maybe Elvis was on to something. Even more important is to exercise the muscles of the pelvic area -- the abdomen and lower back. Sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and similar exercises will help a great deal. More to the point, I advise working on the flexibility of the pelvic region itself. This might sound odd, but one of the most potent exercises you can do is whirl a Hula Hoop, the gadget that was so popular in the 1950s. It will also improve the circulation to the organs of the pelvic area. In the absence of a Hula Hoop, you might spend a few minutes a day wiggling and rotating your hips. If you do this to music, it can even be fun.

A more systematic form of pelvic exercise was developed by a colleague of mine, Lucien Martin, DC, a chiropractor in Santa Monica, California. Martin created a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower back and abdomen for patients with back problems. To his surprise, his patients reported dramatic improvements in their sex lives. He developed the exercises further and continued to get the same reports. Martin says the exercises also seem to improve nerve sensitivity in the area.

On a more generic level, even if you can't master Martin's exercise, nothing beats a vigorous workout in creating mental and physical exhilaration. If you are fortunate enough to bodybuild with your sexual partner, the lovemaking that often follows should be highly satisfactory.

Exercising and bodybuilding with your lover act as the perfect tranquilizer and are an ideal antidote to depression and anxiety. It works both ways. Bodybuilding and exercise improve you physiologically, enhancing your silhouette and bettering your overall appearance. This promotes a more positive body image, which then sparks the fire that flames any romantic relationship.

Pelvic Control Technique

Lie on your back on the floor or on a very firm bed, arms at your sides. Place a tightly rolled towel 34 inches in diameter under your neck (not your head). Under the knees place a thick pillow so that your lower back rests flat on the floor. Now, without lifting your lower back off the floor, pull your pubic bone toward your chest.

Don't suck in your stomach. The idea is to lift the pelvis by squeezing the abdominal muscles like an accordion, not to pull them inward. Lock the pelvis in the compressed position for a second, then relax. Repeat. To make sure you're doing it correctly, press your lower abdominal muscles with the fingers of both hands as you do the squeeze. You should feel those muscles contract. Another way to test yourself is to press the abdominal muscles while raising your head and legs slightly; you should feel the compression of the muscle used during the exercise. Proper breathing is important. Keeping your throat and mouth relaxed, let the motion of the pelvis expel the air from the lungs as you squeeze your abdominals. Don't breathe out forcibly and don't hold your breath. Just exhale smoothly as you contract the abdominals and inhale as you relax. The exercise should be brief and vigorous. Hold each contraction for about a second and continue the repetitions for 23 minutes. Once you gain good control, you can set a goal of 100 reps a day. A note of caution: If you have acute lower-back problems, don't undertake this exercise without first consulting your orthopedist.

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