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The Aphrodisiac To Stimulate Your Senses

"A man's virility can be stimulated with the help of oils, dry massage, bathing and perfume, headbands, ornaments, comfort, beds and coaches, pleasant looking clothes, bird singing and the sounds of a woman's jewelry." CHARAKA SAMHITA

From ancient times cosmetics and jewelry played an important part in the erotic game. Applying carefully the make-up can be a transfiguration meeting of who we are and who we want to be. A "new face" can give a great confidence in you and can also be a stimulating experience for your lover. A lot of sexual techniques uses fully the magic power of make-ups and specifies different types of them that stimulate certain feelings. The level of sailing nowadays can measure the importance of cosmetics.

No woman feels complete, especially when she is not beautiful, without having some make-up on and without wearing some jewelry. Even the most natural look is hardly cultivated. In all cultures cosmetics had helped to make faces beautiful and had transformed a so-called "usual" face into a "presentable" one. Women in China used to make a red sign in the middle of their foreheads. A similar technique still exists in India and Nepal, where it signifies the drawing into the spiritual or religious life.

In tantric erotic games, the man as well as the woman can wear this sign in order to evoke the awakening of the Third Eye (AJNA CHAKRA). This sign is the symbol of the conscience awakening. The artistic applying of cosmetics and ornaments is a beautiful and important practice that can be done by a united and loving couple. Obviously, the natural cosmetics are preferred to the synthetic ones. A lot of synthetic commercial products lead to skin diseases and this is why make-up should be carefully chosen and done. It is not necessary to buy expensive products, because Nature gives you some very efficient organic compounds.

For most women it is a real pleasure to pick up and try special combinations. When they are applied adequately, both cosmetics and ornaments can transform a woman very much, helping her to be seen and transfigured differently by the others.

Sometimes, Tantric techniques indicate the body - painting from esthetical, psychic, symbolic and even physiological needs. Applying coloured cosmetics on different body parts stimulates and helps focusing the energy in certain places, because of some subtle RESONANCE processes.

Tantric cosmetic products contain more substances like: cinnabar, santal paste and powder, rice paste, saffron, nutmeg, turmeric, arsenic, soot from different substances, camphor, shells and ashes. Some of them have a certain physical and psychical effect on the body. The extremely strong body make-up is the one obtained from drugs - powder like: laurels, marijuana, opium and other hallucinatory substances, mixed with perfumed oils and coloured pigments.

European witches used to use the same substances into their rituals. An Eastern ritual is painting the palms and the soles of a woman in red. This is a part of the "honouring of SHAKTI" ritual and that's why natural oils are being used. In more complex rituals the feet can be painted completely with drawings of flowers and symbols.

Other body parts, especially where there is a force concentration, like the belly button, heart, neck, sex organs, forehead and palms, can also be painted.

Thus certain practices are nice to the eye and they also stimulate erotically and awaken the creative imagination. They give your body a lot of mystery. Plus, the mental concentration that is required to apply the make-up will help you get control over your wandering mind. In order to experience certain strong sexual techniques, that imply sexual continence, the body must be bathed and smeared with oils. Then it is covered with refined ashes all over it. The ashes of wood contain several precious minerals that can be easily absorbed through skin. The pure ashes of certain heavy wood types (oak for example) have a deeply refreshing effect on the body. After these ashes have been applied, certain precise signs are being drawn on shanks, thighs, arms, forearms, the region between the sex organs and the belly button, across the belly button, the middle of the chest, the neck and forehead (usually there are groups of three parallel lines).

They are drawn with an ointment made of santal wood powder, grass, cereals, and euphoric compounds. Then The Third Eye (AJNA CHAKRA) is painted in the middle of the forehead, right till the hairline. The woman can also have these signs drawn on her body, but usually the man is the one who has to look like this (being covered in ashes and symbols).

The woman should be very seductive and sensual (her face and certain body parts with make-up: forehead, neck, nipples, belly button, YONI, hands and legs covered in red). The male emission and the female receptivity are thus activated by the careful and impressive use of make-up during the erotic act. It is good to know that red strongly activates the centre of male sexuality. It explains why red is predominant in the female make-up.

The Chinese and Japanese see the contrast between the colour of the skin (usually covered with white powder) and the red colour of the lips and cheeks as a symbolic prelude of the "Mysterious red and white forces that produce matter". They underlined this aspect especially in the theatre masks.

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